Hovuma Racking BV



Henri Hermansstraat 1, 5953 NN Reuver

P.O. box 4791, 5953 ZK Reuver

Tel: + 31 (0) 77-474 1010

Fax: + 31 (0) 77-474 4050

E-mail: hovuma@hovuma.com

Hovuma storage racks

Hovuma develops, produces, sells and installs since 1960 custom racking and storage equipment and increasing storage capacity. By application of high-grade steel and skilled workmanship in our Dutch factory, our storage racks are durable, stable, safe for your employees and impact resistant. Available in any color you want. With a pallet racking or high-rise use of efficiency makes you the available ground surface.  With the mobile system you create a compact theorem warehouse design. All our objectives meet the highest DMH and NEN standards. A regular inspection of Hovuma guarantees that you will comply with the occupational health and safety law. Call 077-474 1010 for a quote.

Sustainable racking and storage equipment

We supply: storage racks, bordes, pallet racking, cantilever, grootvakstelling, rolling up, mobile, no vehicles and much more.

 Pallet Racking  Drive-in Racking   Live Storage Racking Wide Span Racking  Shelving
 Cantilever Racking   High Build Racking  Deep Storge Racking  Mobile racking   (Free-standing) Mezzanine Floor